Mudras: Mudras For Weight Loss: 15 Easy Hand Gestures For Easy Weight Loss (Mudras, Mudras For Beginners, Mudras For Weight Loss) (English Edition) por Alicia Stevens

February 25, 2020

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Mudras: Mudras For Weight Loss: 15 Easy Hand Gestures For Easy Weight Loss (Mudras, Mudras For Beginners, Mudras For Weight Loss) (English Edition) por Alicia Stevens
Titulo del libro : Mudras: Mudras For Weight Loss: 15 Easy Hand Gestures For Easy Weight Loss (Mudras, Mudras For Beginners, Mudras For Weight Loss) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 10, 2015
Autor : Alicia Stevens
Número de páginas : 34

Alicia Stevens con Mudras: Mudras For Weight Loss: 15 Easy Hand Gestures For Easy Weight Loss (Mudras, Mudras For Beginners, Mudras For Weight Loss) (English Edition)

15 Hand Gestures With Demonstrational Images

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Mudras And Weight Loss

You probably have the nagging itch to shed some weight, but your busy schedule and limited budget are creating a bit of a constraint. Or maybe you have tried joining a local gymnastics club but find that the routine schedule is not your thing. If you can relate, then you are reading the right script.

Better still, have you tried adopting good eating habits but discipline is not your strong suit? Are you a culprit to giving in to food cravings,and every time you step on the scale the pounds keep on increasing? Have you tried the much advertised slimming pills and belts and nothing has come forth? Take a sigh of relief today. This book suggests easy and very enjoyable gestures better referred to as “mudras” to help you lose the excess weight. It outlines easy and safe hand signals you can practice from the comfort of your home or office at no cost.

Other Benefits Of Mudras

The suggested mudras will not only satisfy your most craved goal of weight loss, but will bring forth self-confidence, help you eliminate toxins from your body and give you the much needed control you long for over the cravings. Once you practice these easy gestures regularly, you will find an easy avenue to relief yourself anxiety and a source of continued psyche to live a healthy life with less effort. Take the step to experience a complete lifestyle change that comes easy.

You Will Learn Of...

  • Surya, Gyan and Prana Mudras
  • The Varuna, Linga and Apana Vayu Mudras
  • The Apana, Shunya and Apaan Mudras
  • Pitta Kaarak, Jnana, Akash and Shankh mudras
  • Much Much More

  • What Others Are Saying...

    "I have always been curious about mudras and chakras. Then I came across this book and it totally amazed me." - Ma Antonia Amorsolo

    "This book is awesome, it was exactly what I was looking for.
    I'm trying to learn as much as I can about mudras right now and reading
    this book was gold for me! Great information, tips and advice
    that everyone should take a part of. Thanks for sharing!" - Kristen Durson

    "This is a great read. It was interesting to read a new technique for weight loss, and Ive always been seeing the gestures that are illustrated in the book - I just didn't know what they meant." - Ashley Red

    "The idea of weight loss with mudras also seems a great possibility.I am always looking at ways to shed pounds and this adds some tools to my toolbox!I liked as well the photographs in the book which were very helpful.There is definitely a lot of information contained within this book.I will want to learn the techniques discussed and practice them on a regular basis.This is an excellent and fascinating read!" -Walter A

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