The House Rules (English Edition) por Chris Hamilton

August 23, 2019

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The House Rules (English Edition) por Chris Hamilton
Titulo del libro : The House Rules (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 23, 2015
Autor : Chris Hamilton
Número de páginas : 329
Editor : Create Space/Book Surge

Chris Hamilton con The House Rules (English Edition)

This is the spell-binding story of Terry Householter, the fastest high school sprinter in 1967, and a decorated Marine hero in Vietnam. It also is the story of Kansas, the wonders of the high plains, and the valor of Marines. Terry and his school-mates are forever altered by the creeping “Storm” of Vietnam, and the late 1960s societal conflicts. No choir-boy, Terry was raised by grandparents, very poor, and a free spirit. He becomes a charismatic but quiet ally to “average guys”, inspiring people on all sides. Terry leads his track team to towering achievements. He amazingly turns down track scholarships, and joins the Marines. Terry and his Marine squad fight a horrendous, fateful battle only two weeks before his return home, earning the Bronze Star. The novel shows how people across forty years are still discovering ways Terry showed others to live well, and be a true friend, even during our darkest hours.

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