A Beginner’s Guide To Bowling (Sports For You Series Book 6) (English Edition) por Ank Sheckler

December 15, 2019

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A Beginner’s Guide To Bowling (Sports For You Series Book 6) (English Edition) por Ank Sheckler
Titulo del libro : A Beginner’s Guide To Bowling (Sports For You Series Book 6) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 20, 2015
Autor : Ank Sheckler
Número de páginas : 44
Editor : Shaharm Publications

Ank Sheckler con A Beginner’s Guide To Bowling (Sports For You Series Book 6) (English Edition)

Today bowling has evolved to one of the most played sports and free time activity hobbies the world has seen. Bowling games, lanes, shirts, bags, duckpin bowling and candlepin bowling, it is hard not to get involved and get addicted to this ‘intoxicating’ game. Bowling is one of the most popular sports around the world, with an apparent 95 million players annually and even a professional championship televised throughout the world.

Bowling is more than just a game with heavy balls and funny pins. Bowling congresses, clubs, and more are constantly setting up and coming into the picture as well as evolving technology and rules. It is a game of skill and requires practice just like any other art or talent. With a good guide to bowling, you can learn the basics and be one step ahead of the game and begin polishing your art.

This guide starts off with a thorough history of the sport of bowling. Having some similarities in sports dating back 5 millennia, bowling certainly has been around for a long time. For most of this book the main focus is on hands-on training of bowling and discussing the basics of bowling. The manual starts out with highlighting some of the important equipment, because there are a lot of details in each of the playing points.

Also the way to pick a proper bowling ball for your personal game is a key factor in how the game plays out. For example, using the ten percent rule to find a ball of choice is a good point to remember. How do you throw a bowling ball? That’s one of the most important things in bowling. Once you pick a ball, you put your funny shoes on; you sit in front of the lane, now what? This book goes on to explain the common dos and don’ts of bowling in gameplay.

It speaks in detail of some of the techniques the pros use and how a beginner can start to meditate on these things. Aspects like the release, as well as the approach walk. How pendulums work, and how your arm and the ball are affected. Any beginner can start to research these things and begin to develop their game at a more rapid pace.

For example: the two main types of bowling rolls are discussed and dissected -- the most popular being the hook shot. The hook shot not only looks cool but swings into the pocket at a better angle of attack. It takes a lot of practice to master, but is worth the effort. The straight shot is a bit easier and is what most beginners start off with. Both shots start off by swinging the arm back and walking forward, but do you want to learn executing them flawlessly? Read on, these and other common bowling techniques will be covered in this guide; all of the questions answered here will help you or any beginner to enhance his skill and experience. This is the goal of this guide -- to be able to help get an overall picture of the world of bowling and the sport at its very essence.

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